Creating space, opening to the bigger possibilities.

Life is funny, it can push us into the places we need to be, the spaces we convince ourselves we can’t do. Sometimes this push comes with no warning and you just have to ride it, see where it takes you. I always had a vision for having my own gallery and working in the arts. I have spent a good part of life just so, working in the design world as a freelance designer and then to spending over 10 years as a body piercing adorning bodies with beautiful jewelry. A good part of that time I worked with tattooers, here locally in Flagstaff and internationally. They challenged my perception of art, from the working man’s art, ancient symbols and sacred marks.

Through this work I found my own home back again communicating through my hands on paper, canvas, wood, whatever I could find. As my art evolved I knew this was the only thing I wanted to do, I had something to say and something to share. Next was to come the container to display the work.

After months of searching for an art home, a public art home. I found the space but circumstances constantly changing that would create the ground, the stability. Not quite the way I had envisioned but what I was being pushed into. I created space, not sure why or how I was doing all of this but just doing it. Following my heart and the beats that led the way.

I opened the doors to The HeArt Box on August 3rd, a little uneasy standing on my own two feet. Will anyone show up? It turned out to be a night of organic happenings, the space was widening for all to come see and be a part of. This has been a continual theme of constant support and surprise.

I am excited about the future, the connections and relationships that have been made. The art that is continually changing in the space, finding homes and the people that find inspiration here and hope. Voices that find a space to feel the freedom to express.

Grateful to all of you who have showed love and support, it just keeps growing.