She Wolf Project at The HeArt Box

The month of February has been some serious heart felt movement. On February 7th the She Wolf Project - i.e. Flagstaff Female Collective held there monthly meet up at The HeArt Box. This was such an inspiring event and a reminder that we all need and benefit from community, we can have many forms of community.


The She Wolf Project is a once-a-month meetup group in Flagstaff, Arizona devoted to female empowerment. They hold there monthly meet ups at different businesses around Flagstaff and feature a variety of speakers. This was such an amazing opportunity to hold space for, being a new business it was a gift to have a room filled with eyes, ears and open hearts.

Speakers for the night were Rebekah Nordstrom and Katy Kyle, artists of the show Boundless Skies currently on display until the end of February. The presentation had a focus on collaboration, a strong piece of the She Wolf Collective, “Collaboration is the key of this supportive community, and we aim to create a comfortable and healthy atmosphere where we can pitch each other our ideas and ask for solid feedback based on our own experiences and various perspectives. We hope to spark ideas into actions. “

We also heard from Jewels Livingstone, owner of Morning Glory Cafe on the Southside. She delighted us with delicious handcrafted chocolates. She is talented with her knowledge of food and the health of food. So yummy!!

Heather Kadar and Maria

Heather Kadar and Maria

Every meet up has an Alpha speaker, this night was Flagstaff photographer, Heather Kadar. I have admired her work for sometime, the way she captures the world she sees. Her use of color and light through the camera lens. She shared with us her story and her collaborative project with her husband, Sacred Sex game. It was inspiring to hear from another creative and the story of her path.

They say February is the month of love, we truly felt it. Thanks She Wolf Project for an incredible evening and all those that came out.

Photos by Laura Fish Franke and Heather Kadar.

For more information on the She Wolf Project you can find them on Facebook at She Wolf Project.

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Heather Kadar Photography

Morning Glory Cafe

Rebekah Nordstrom Artworks